torsdag den 19. september 2013

First peek at the animation I did at Google/Motorola

I was an animator on a interactive shortfilm that is soon released. We were a small creative team on about 10 people. And then of course a huge tech division. But that's out of my comprehension anyways. ;) The show is directed by Jan Pinkava, produced by Karen Dufilho, written by Doug Sweetland and supervised and co-directed and characters designs by Mark Oftedal. The world is created by Jon Klassen. The sound side was created my Scot Stafford. Awesome guys and just a fantastic and fun production. Below is a screenshot from the show. The screenshot is from my part of the show. There is also a short video at the buttom of the page linked below. It is my animation (and Ricardo Joost they are showing. My animation is from when the hat hits the bush.
FX Guide article. Video at the buttom of the page.

IMDB on the guys I worked with:
Karen Dufilho
Scot Stafford
Jan Pinkava
Jon Klassen
Mark Oftedal
Doug Sweetland
Ryan Hayford
Ricardo Joost
Daniel Paul

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  1. It`s exciting seeing a sneak-peek for the world of the short that we`ve worked at. Great for working with you again and the great team on it!

    1. Yeah I can feel this time is gonna be even more fun.