onsdag den 6. december 2017

11 Second Club Entry, November 2017

I wan't to practice my 2d animation skills so I submitted a entry for this months 11 second club (November 2017).

(click link to view entry)

Lessons learned for next time.
- Better background story and actual background image relating to that story.
- From that establish better staging. Choose perspective and camera angle(s).
- Thumbnail first instead of jumping right into blocking.
- Find a good place between loose and tight drawing. Loose enough to be fast and tight enough to not having to make clean up pass.

onsdag den 6. september 2017

Started at Unity Technologies Copenhagen

Started at Unity Technologies Copenhagen this August to do an awesome sample game with some extremely talented and experienced developers.
Can't wait to see how this plays out.

fredag den 5. august 2016

Buggy Night out on 360° YouTube video

Here is Buggy Night! One of the animated shorts I worked on for Google/Motorola. Now available to watch on 360° Videos on YouTube. 

onsdag den 11. maj 2016

Back at IO Interactive working on Hitman 6

Im back at IO Interactive as a senior animator doing fun work on Hitman 6.

HITMAN Website

mandag den 15. februar 2016

While in Paris: Sing - Trailer 1 (Universal Pictures)

Trailer 1 for Sing is out. The movie I worked on while in Paris at Illumination Macguff.

fredag den 12. februar 2016

torsdag den 11. februar 2016

SING: Sneak Peak

the movie I worked on while in Paris has a Sneak Peak out.
Trailer will come out this monday