torsdag den 17. maj 2012

Class 6, Week 7

An acting assignment from Animationmentor class 5 which I have polished here in class 6. Advanced acting. 2 person shot All animation is done by me. The rig is a Bishop 2.0 mod from Animationmentor. My mentors were Sean Sexton and Jay N. Davis
and audio is from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (2008) The actors are Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day.

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  1. hah! its really great! Their acting really gives life to the words. And can i ask you something? Do you know any website to get some dialogue sound files for practice? I'd really like to get started on doing some acting animation.

  2. Hey :)
    Thanks. Glad you like it.
    There is which has a competition every month to animate to a soundclip they give you. In there you can also get critique from peers and dig into a lot of other ressources they give away or link to.
    If you want to find a sound clip yourself you can try
    I have found some clips in there.
    But there are a lot of places out there.